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UV Light being used to whiten teeth


What are dental sealants

Dental sealants are an effective, simple dental treatment that can help to protect your teeth from decay and cavities. Sealants create a barrier over your tooth to prevent tooth decay. Dental sealants are most often applied to the back molars; the grooves and pits on these teeth make them especially prone to tooth decay.

How do dental sealants work
Dental sealants work by:

  • Creating a smooth surface on the tooth, which is easier to keep clean
  • Blocking the bacteria and food debris that cause tooth decay

By creating a barrier on your tooth, dental sealants can successfully protect your teeth from decay.

Who should have dental sealants

At Colorado Family Dentistry, we recommend that children have dental sealants applied to their back molars as soon as they come in, which is usually between the ages of six and twelve. In addition, our Lakewood, Colorado dentist, Dr. Kasper, may recommend dental sealants to adult patients whose teeth are especially prone to decay. If you think you or your child would benefit from dental sealants, or if you have any questions about dental sealants or our other preventive dentistry treatments, we welcome you to call our dental office today!

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